1. Super Junior Questionairre~


    1. Favorite member: Eunhyuk

    2. I memorized all thirteen members’ names: ALL 15

    3. Only13 or iLOVEhenry&zhoumi: PROM15E.
    4. How many pictures do you have of suju (you dont have to be exact): Hm… maybe…800?

    5. Have you ever switched favorite members? (be specific who):
    except Siwon, Kibum and Kangin, I’ve switched all of them kkkkk

    6. Cutest member:  Sungmin, no doubt.

    7. Hottest member: Siwon is the hottest, that’s for sure.

    For question eight they all need to be different, and I know its hard, but only one -
    8a. Member you would like to marry and why: Ryeowook, cause he’s so carring and nice, gentle and he knows cooking kkk

    8b. Member you would like to date: Sungmin, he’s really cute.

    8c. Member you would like as a best friend: Heechul, he’s so funny and looks like a good friend, besides his crazy personality.

    8d. Member you would like as a pet, what animal: Henry :3

    9. Prettiest member:  Donghae (cliche, I know it kkk)

    10. Best singer: KyuHyun. I really LOVE his voice.

    11. Member you think deserves more love than they get: Zhou MI :( Because of Henry’s solo album, he’s gettin’ some attencion and love, but my MiMi… he’s such a nice person, he sings really good and is so cute, people should see that.

    12. Member you think is most like yourself: I think Donghae (I have to repeat, sorry), cause he looks a kid, just like me kkk

    13. Member you find yourself jealous of all the time and why: 

    14. Best dressed member: HyukJae

    15. Funniest member: Shindong is reeeealy funny kkk

    16. Weirdest couple (between the members): WookMin, doesn’t make sense to me kkkk

    17. OTP(One True Pairing):  EunHae <3<3

    18. OT3: KyuMin

    19. OT4: HanChul ( :’( )

    First thing you think of.
    > Mommy kkkk
    > Perv Hamster u.u
     > Dancer kkk
    > I really miss him
    > Diva
    > I should love him more :(
    > A really great person.
    > Strong and funny. Love him.
    > My love, my breath, my sexy-cuttest-sensible-beautiful person in the world.
    > Shisus kkk I should love him more too
    > Love, cute and awesome
    > When he will go back? u.u kkk Serious, he should come back to SuJu and to us, just saying
    > Little cute and loved kid

    And THIS!

    How did you learn about Super Junior?

    A friend introduced me to kpop and she’s ELF. But, at first, and don’t really like them. So, I started to watchs MVs and stuff, and here I’am, a ELF <3

    Were you part of the J-pop/rock fan exodus to the SuJu fandom? 

    Yeees *—* Should I make a list? kkk

    Were you a fan of SuJu when there were still 12 of them? 

    No :(

    If you were, what was your reaction to the 13th member? I wasn’t, but if a was, I would love u.u

    Only 13? 
    I love them all. and if a new member come, I’ll love him either.

    Rank all 15 members (1 being your fave, 15 being your least fave)  

    1. Eunhyuk
    2. Donghae

    3. Kyuhyun
    4. Sungmin

    5. Heechul

    6. Zhou Mi

    7. Ryeowook                                                      
    8. Leeteuk
    9. Shindong
    10. Yesung
    11. Henry 
    12. Hangeng

    13. Siwon
    14. Kangin
    15. Kibum

    Your Favorite… 
    …Song: No Other
    …Music Video: U (judge me u.u)
    …Performance clothes: Spy
    …Show: SS5 Worldwide Tour *-*
    …Dance moves: Sorry sorry
    …Couple: Eunhae

    Who is the best… 
    …dancer? Hyukjae
    …MC/host? Hyukjae
    …DJ? Leeteuk
    …comedian? Shindong
    …cross-dresser? Heechul and Sungmin

    …actor? Siwon

    Who would look good in… 
    …’emo’-ish clothes?: Yesung
    …a tux?: Siwon
    …ghetto-ish clothes?: Hyukjae :B

    school uniform?: Donghae
    …a wedding dress?: Sungmin

    …a towel? Siwon
    …uhh….nothing? All of them (perv)
    a girly wig? Sungmin
    virtually anything?Eunhyuk

    Yearbook superlatives… 
    Class clown: Shindong
    Most laid back: Kibum
    Best hair: Heechul
    Best teeth: Leeteuk
    Most outgoing: Heechul
    Most attractiveSiwon
    Most likely to age well: Leeteuk
    Most likely to become president: Leeteuk
    Most likely to be caught looking in a mirror: Zhou Mi and Heechul
    The best friends: EunHae
    Class angel: Sungmin
    Best eyes: Hyukjae
    Most changed: Kangin
    Best all around: Hyukjae
    Drama queenHeechul
    Most unpredictableYesung
    Most likely to become a brain surgeon: Siwon
    Most likely to move to foreign country: Kibum
    Cutest Couple: EunHae
    Most in need of a hair transplant: Eunhyuk kkkk
    Most likely to invent something totally useless:  Donghae
    Most likely to claim to be a squirrel: Donghae
    Least Dressed: Siwon
    Meanest: Evil Kyu, who else? kkk
    Biggest Flirt: Hyukjae
    Most annoyingHeechul
    Least funnySiwon ahaha…
    Least likely to become famous: Kangin
    Most likely to become famous for something bad: Kyuhyun
    Most likely to become filthy rich and greedy: Heechul
    Most likely to become president and get assasinated: Leeteuk
    Most likely to become a teacher at your school: Kyuhyun
    Most likely to kill someone: Kyuhyun kkkk

    Most likely to blow himself up: Donghae

    Most likely to blow someone else up: Kyuhyun

    Most likely to blow up a country: Heechul

    Most likely to stay single for the rest of his life: Yesung kkk

    Longest projected lifespan: Siwon
    Most likely to fail at life: Hangeng kkk
    Most likely to get lost in a room with one exit: Yesung
    Most likely drop-out:  Zhou Mi
    Biggest: Siwon is the taller, so…
    Most likely to end up living in a cave: Yesung
    Most oxygen intake in a day: Donghae

    Most likely to accidentally destroy the world: Donghae
    Most likely to eat a muffin: Henry
    Most confusing: Yesung… or Donghae? Both, I guess

    Most likely to work in a cubicle: Leeteuk
    Most likely to write a play and have no one appreciate it: Donghae

  2. Sabe quando a sua amiga te empurra pra o carinha que você gosta e você fica morrendo de vergonha? Isso também acontece com EunHae *&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;* 

    Sabe quando a sua amiga te empurra pra o carinha que você gosta e você fica morrendo de vergonha? Isso também acontece com EunHae *———* 

  3. Eu não conseguiria comê-los, só ia ficar olhando forever :3 

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